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The Tin Pan Allies Band
The Tin Pan Allies Band   The Tin Pan Allies Band   The Tin Pan Allies Band   The Tin Pan Allies Band
Have a look at our demo's - we're working on a better one, but it's hard to hold a camera while you're playing...

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** STOP PRESS ** -  we've recently diversified into New Orleans-style funerals, processing to the chapel ahead of the hearse!
While we admit that it takes a certain sort of person to want this for their final journey, we hope it brings a bit of joy and celebration to a sad day, and as usual we're happy to prepare particular favourite tunes for the occasion.


"Just want to say a huge thank you to ... the band today who played so well to give my Uncle the send off he deserved, we cannot thank you enough you were all brilliant, and so kind and professional xx"
- bereaved lady, Poole 2018

"A brilliant group."
- bereaved lady, Bexhill-on-Sea 2020
Tin Pan Allies - pre-gig rehearsal 2017
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